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Does saying "sit" or "stay" just get you a furry little head tilt in return? Our training classes help you and your dog start speaking the same language.

Does saying "sit" or "stay" just get you a furry little head tilt in return? Our training classes help you and your dog start speaking the same language.

Who’s a good boy? Your newly
trained dog, that’s who.

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Sure, you talk to your dog all the time, but wouldn’t it be nice if he actually listened? Our training classes teach you how to you communicate better with your pup and even read your dog’s body language. By the end of class you’ll be interpreting the nuances of every ear perk and tail position, plus encouraging good behaviors with positive reinforcement. It’s a system perfect for all ages, whether you have a young puppy or an old dog learning new tricks. Plus, we even have classes centered around various goals and behavioral issues.

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7 Sessions: $210

FYI: Dogs do not attend the first session

First, we walk you through the basics of canine communication and learning. Then, it’s time to put it into action with our reward-based method. We use lures to teach and prompt simple commands like “come,” “stay” and “leave it as well as to work on skills like name recognition and loose leash walking. We also talk about how to modify not-so-great behaviors such as jumping on people and inappropriate greetings. For puppies, there’s a lot of socialization and even a S.T.A.R. Puppy Evaluation (a special certification sanctioned by the American Kennel Club). Older dogs work towards becoming a “Canine Good Citizen” (which is a more advanced AKC certification).

6 Sessions: $185

Prerequisite: Level 1

Learning to do a command is good but learning to do it reliably is way better. To work on this, we start by removing treat prompts from commands they’ve learned in Level 1 and replacing them with a reward for a job well done. We work on new commands as well, plus there are plenty of challenges for more mature dogs. As your pet builds a bigger set of skills, we also discuss how you can be a good leader and guide them to success. And don’t forget, if your adult dog aces this class, they can go directly into Level 4 with their instructor’s recommendation.

6 Sessions: $185

Prerequisite: Level 2

When your dog’s a pro at obedience, it’s time to make sure they’re ready for the real word. We take every command they’ve learned and teach them how to perform while dealing with The Three D’s— distance, duration and distraction. No matter the age of your dog, this class is the perfect stepping stone towards our Canine Good Citizen Prep class.

6 Sessions: $185

Prerequisites: Level 3

FYI: Adult graduates of Level 2 can go directly into Level 4 with their instructor’s recommendation.

Are you and your dog a dynamic duo? We put it to the test as you prepare for the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) evaluation. Here, we increase proficiency in basic commands, work on control in everyday situations and hone appropriate skills for being in public. Sanctioned by the American Kennel Club, the CGC Program is designed to promote responsible pet ownership by rewarding dogs who have good manners at home and in the community. Upon successful graduation of our CGC prep class, your dog should be ready to test for his Canine Good Citizen certification at our facility or any AKC sanctioned testing location.


1 hour / $20

Puppies: 10 weeks to 5 months

Teens: 5 to 12 months

Adults: 12 Months and older

Small adults: under 30 lbs.

Let your dog make some new pals under the supervision of our professional dog training instructors. They modify problem behaviors and even teach you how to promote positive play. But just a heads up — your pet must already be friendly with people and other dogs.


3 sessions / $95/ Prerequisites: Level 3 Class or “Good Canine Citizen” Certification. Is your dog a natural at helping others? This class prepares both of you to become a certified therapy dog team that can visit nursing homes, hospitals, libraries and schools.


Age: 8 Months & Older

2 Sessions / $60

Teach your dog to follow the leader. We discuss the best kinds of leashes, collars and harnesses and teach you the proper techniques for controlling your dog.


Age: 8 Months & Older

2 Sessions / $60

When you let your dog off leash, do you take a deep breath and hope for the best? This workshop helps you make sure they’ll actually come when you call.


Age: 8 Months & Older

2 Sessions / $60

No more frenzies when someone knocks on the door. No more jumping all over guests as they walk in. By the end of this class, we’ll teach your dog to say hi like a gentleman (or lady).


1 Session: $30

Prequisites: For puppies who are currently attending a Level 1 Puppy class.

FYI: Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

Kids and dogs are a winning combo, but it’s important that they play well together. This class teaches children about canine communication as well as basic techniques to prevent jumping, mouthing, and other unwanted behaviors.


2 Sessions: $60

Ages 6 Months and Older

For rescued dogs who have been in their new home for up to 4 weeks. Your newly rescued shelter dog is just as excited as you are but joining a family can be stressful. This post-adoption class helps you understand your pet’s emotional state so you two can start building a positive relationship. Our in-depth, hands-on training also helps you handle any problem behaviors.


30-Minute Sessions I $50

60-Minute Session I $95

Not sure if your dog is ready to be part of a class? Our professional dog trainers offer private in-store lessons for dogs that need extra attention, like puppies, rescue dogs and pets with behavioral problems.