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Together As One

A People Store For Pets

The easiest thing to do in the world is love your pet. They're givers. They give you attention. They give you companionship. They give you joy. Sure, they may take an occasional turkey drumstick off the counter or high heel as a chew toy, but they never complain, they don't have bad days and their world revolves around you like the earth revolves around the sun.

Taking care of them should be easy too. But somewhere along the way that became a complicated mess. An online retailer for this. A drive across town for that. An appointment for one thing. A google search for what is that thing. There wasn't a single place to go that had everything you needed. That had smart and experienced people you could trust. That could take care of your pet's needs and equally important, your needs as a curious pet parent, all at the same time.

Until now.

Loyal Companion is unlike any pet experience in the world. We've combined some of the best brands in the business including Kriser's, Especially For Pets, Bark! Dogma – Life, With Your Pet, Pet Source, Pet Life and Whole Pet Central to form one new company dedicated to holistic pet wellness. Loyal Companion is a community of pet experts - nutritionists, behaviorists, educators and groomers - that has banded together to make life easy for pet owners by offering everything you need under one virtual and physical roof. Raw food. Healthy treats. Supplies. Grooming. Daycare. Training. Vet services. Advice. And one killer, comprehensive loyalty program. By joining forces, we've created a place where you can learn, have fun, be part of a community and get exactly what you need.

Including peace of mind.

Stop by and say hello. Because if not, someday soon one of those cats will figure out how to type and then you WILL get a judgy letter.